EnergyEne, Inc. develops high performance latex

Feb. 7, 2018
Dr. Katrina Cornish

EnergyEne Inc, under the leadership of CEO Katrina Cornish, is continuing its development of guayule, as an alernative to natural rubber  with a radiation attenuation glove that doesn't trigger latex allergies and has better polymer-filler interaction, according to CEO Katrina Cornish.

Guayule Latex Gloves

The Wooster company, incorporated in 2013, is focused on high-performance latex products. Cornish said EnergyEne currently is in due diligence for investment and in discussions to secure a larger acreage of existing guayule. The Ohio State University is part owner of EnergyEne, Inc. The company is a tenant at BioHio Research Park. Read the complete article.