Resarch Groups at OARDC


Food Safety, Security, Production, Human Health

Specialty Services

  • MCIC – Molecular & Cellular Imaging Center
    • High quality office, laboratory and specialty facilities
    • Access to researchers, students, and the technical and service assets of OARDC
    • An intellectually and culturally stimulating environment
    • Entrepreneurial support including assistance in accessing funding
    • Small-town convenience, a high-quality environment, sports & entertainment, and proximity to major cities
  • Genomic and proteomic services
  • Computational biology (bioinformatics)
  • Imaging methods including light and confocal microscopy, transmission and scanning electron microscopy, and laser capture microdissection
  • STAR Lab – Service Testing and Research Lab
  • Soil, water, feed, plant & animal tissue, manure, compost, inorganic materials

General use

Other Key Info