About Us

Our Vision

BioHio Research Park is more than a physical location; while it is about land and buildings in which people will work, it is so much more; our vision is to be a successful extension of the pioneering spirit that brought people to Wooster, Wayne County, Ohio to establish OARDC in 1892 to discover new ways of feeding ourselves and our animals; of clothing and housing ourselves; of producing and harnessing energy; of making devices for use on farms, in businesses and in homes; of using microbial, plant, and animal products – all to enrich lives and communities that build a rewarding, healthy and safe, and sustainable future in our region, our state and our world.

Our Mission

BioHio Research Park –

  • Is a vehicle for moving agbioscience technology to the marketplace via public-private partnerships
  • Provides facilities and entrepreneurial support for tenant companies, clients and the community
  • Serves as a catalyst for local and regional development and propulsion for an economic shift within Ohio

We provide our clients with

  • High quality office, laboratory and specialty facilities
  • Access to researchers, students, and the technical and service assets of OARDC
  • An intellectually and culturally stimulating environment
  • Entrepreneurial support including assistance in accessing funding
  • Small-town convenience, a high-quality environment, sports & entertainment, and proximity to major cities

BioHio’s Foundation

BioHio Research Park was conceived of by leaders of OSU/OARDC and the Wooster, Ohio community as a logical economic development program for the region based on the agbioscience strengths of the University and business strengths of the community.

Located on the campus of OARDC and deeply rooted in its history and focus – a premier institution committed to safe, healthy, and affordable food and agricultural products; sustainable food and agricultural systems; strong rural and urban communities; stewardship of natural resources and the environment; keeping Ohio positioned favorably in a global economy – BioHio represents the commitment of OSU/OARDC to providing solutions to unmet market needs.

As a generator of significant economic impacts for the state in the form of: technology commercialization; new and improved crops, breeds, and products for Ohio producers; new and improved technologies for Ohio industry; and enhanced and protected environment and quality of life for Ohioans OARDC’s role in the state grows each day (Battelle 2008).

Getting Started With BioHio

Are you an OSU/OARDC researcher, an agbioscience start-up company, a business that is seeking collaborators and partners to grow and expand? BioHio Research Park offers the facilities you need, the services to help you succeed and an entry way and guidance into OSU/OARDC and the network of business support in Ohio.

Quality facilities, helpful services and staff, access to outstanding researchers and students, and unique capabilities all contribute to making BioHio Research Park the “go to” place for start-up or growing companies. We offer easy access to The Ohio State University Technology Commercialization and Knowledge Transfer office for technology licensing and The Ohio State Office of Research for company – faculty collaborations.

BioHio’s Master Plan

View our site, our vision, conceptual plan and implementation plan, all beautifully rendered. Click the image below to view or download a PDF file.

Executive Summary Booklet 
Thank you to the individuals and companies who have recognized the opportunities of partnering with 

  • City of Wooster
  • Noble Foundation
  • RDM Equipment Co.
  • Wooster Chamber of Commerce
  • Wayne Economic Development Council